Facebook web invasion

Well, have you ever think that facebook is invading all websites?

In my perspective, yes! Facebook created application protocol interface (API) to linked their system to every website across the globe. Facebook is much too clever, their strategy is such a class. Now most of the websites are linked to facebook systems, users no longer want to sign up/register in a website manually, they just look for the “login using facebook” option. Well, it save them time & effort… Continue reading

How to keep text links & back link ads in your website?

We’ll, as most of us web owners know about web advertisements. This “text links & back link ads” somehow come surprisingly and suddenly go. And, that thing is not a good thing for our website business.

So how and what should we do to keep this “text links & back link ads” in our website, and make them stay forever(or at least a longer term). Continue reading

gadgetbenchmark.com updates!

Updates with our project http://gadgetbenchmark.com/

The website is now in beta version, you can now check on the central processing unit, video card processor and hard drive installed in your computer.

So how did we calculate or what is the basis or where did we get the data of each peripheral (computer parts)?

We used softwares such as passmark, novabench, 3dmark, PC-wizard and finally come up a database where users will be able to use as reference when buying new set of computer. Continue reading