Game Project: Silhouette

I saw this great artwork of a cool artist Guile De Guzman a CLSU student, with extremely got an eye for such kind of artworks. And by the look of those cool sketches, i got excited and wanna make those great creations move and “bring it to life”.Β  I am now planning for a good game play for it.. Then Sir Ian Clarito Dacumos and Jim Carlo (also CLSU student pops in to help out)… I got more excited…

I will post the updates and ofcourse the great artwork i saw… later…

Successfully completed our Global Game Jam @ CLSU

GGJ-CLSUThere were more than 65 attendees and participants, divided into 5 teams with 5 simple games. But the best part of it is, most of the participants just got acquainted with a game engine last January 25, 2013. Yes, they just learned from the tutorial provided by me – Sir. Art Polo Gabriel IIIΒ  . Ofcourse as expected with first timers, the output are still raw and buggy – but whats important is they got themselves in game creation and got an experience on how to make games. The game outputs will be seen at the official website of global game game very very soon :)

It a great experience (though very busy busy days). Hanging around with cool people that wishes to learn about game development, though they are just new with this kind of activity still they get their hands dirty and tried to finish whatever it takes πŸ™‚

Got tons of new friends πŸ™‚ beautiful ones

I really wish that this will be a non stop game dev activity from this day on πŸ™‚ Game ON!!!!

Texturing 3D Object in Blender3D

My continuation to my previous tutorial 3d interactive in less than 5 minutes

Let’s now texture the 3d cube:

Open Blender3d (version 2.25)


Split the screen in two, for better viewing – move your mouse into the “dividers”, and observe the cursor will change its appearance, right-click on it. select “split” . Continue reading

1TB USB 3.0 flash drive? Yes it is now available

Would you believed it? 1TB USB 3.0 flash drive?

1TB USB Flash DriveI’m shocked as you are. I don’t expect it this early. But well, yes we now have to believe it that a very small thing can now handle such capacity. Imagine you can put almost everything on it. The only thing that still wont make me wanna buy it is – its way too much pricing, it cost around $1,750.00 (Php 70,000) and I think it still too risky, too much power for a small thing. And for me USB is quite a thing that i called “disposable” & “easy to break”. To sum up, its still more economically viable to buy a 2.5 HDD SATA drive that will only cost around $150.00 for the same capacity.



Me: Featured at Manila Game Jame

Wow, simply nooby me – featured at Manila Game Jam website πŸ™‚

Here’s the info:

Late last year, we were surprised to see another local Game Jam Site officially registered to participate on the Global Game Jam . Knowing that having another site would always be beneficial; preparation, coordination and setting up the event however is one tedious task. One brave soul had taken the initiative to start their own Jam and spread the Game Jam Spirit at Central Luzon.

Meet Art Polo Gabriel: He’s the Game Jam Organizer for CLSU Jam Site, and he had given us the opportunity to do this short interview.

Here’s the full info