Fund raising the quick, easy and fun way

First thing is this is legit and crazy simple

So, you received a message from a friend who is using online payment systems (koin gkaz etc). And once you register using the link provided by your friend – both of u will get around Php 50.00 each on the successful registration.

Imagine, you are a leader or president of an organization / society (or just tell about this to your leader) – simply create an account on this payment systems (better from a link provided by a friend else try use mine  so both of us will get Php 50.00 each)

Then simply – get an invite link too to register and enforce all your members to register. (enforce is a big word hehe – though i can think of better one hehe)

Imagine, if you have 1000 members – that’s Php 50,000 for the organization and each of the members will get Php 50.00 each.

What if – EL SHADDAI / IGLESIA NI CRISTO do this – to the math 🙂