1TB USB 3.0 flash drive? Yes it is now available

Would you believed it? 1TB USB 3.0 flash drive?

1TB USB Flash DriveI’m shocked as you are. I don’t expect it this early. But well, yes we now have to believe it that a very small thing can now handle such capacity. Imagine you can put almost everything on it. The only thing that still wont make me wanna buy it is – its way too much pricing, it cost around $1,750.00 (Php 70,000) and I think it still too risky, too much power for a small thing. And for me USB is quite a thing that i called “disposable” & “easy to break”. To sum up, its still more economically viable to buy a 2.5 HDD SATA drive that will only cost around $150.00 for the same capacity.



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