Seminar Workshop on 3D Character & Animation

Team invites everyone to a day of tutorial on 3d character modelling and animation.

Where: PAO, CLSU
When: March 16, 2013, Saturday
What to bring:
> Laptop that can run either Maya 2010 / Max 2009 / Blender 2.65a
> Template (drawing of your desired character you wish to be in 3D)
> Snacks and other things that may help out
Attire: Come as you are – as long as its neat or acceptable
Fee: Php 150.00 per head
Maximum number of participants:  20 – 30
So reserved your slot(s) now!!! See yah!!!

3d sculpturing :)

3d sculpturing

3d sculpturing

Project 3D: Sculpturing a base mesh “mold/stencil” for a product “Rattle Stick” -an American “Deer Hunters” newest/upcoming tool  🙂

3D sculpting is really an intensive task to do, it requires “keenest” eyes & a tons of “brains” for problem solving. Imagine an IGS Nurbs from SOLIDWORKS to a high poly mesh 3D model, eats up tons of CPU/GPU/Memory to accomplished.

And also sleepless nights 🙂

Tools: 3D Max, Maya, Blender, Mudbox, Sculptris & many more 🙂