Another Global Game Jam Successfully held @ CLSU

Once again, we succcessfully completed the Global Game Jam 2014 @ Central Luzon State University, There were 90 participants but due to most of them are newbies & just met the game engine (UNITY), we only completed 4 Games as follows:

  • Gameplay /Concept  /Program- Art Polo Gabriel,
  • Character – Guille De Guzman, ArtistClub/CLSU
  • 3D modelling / Rig / Animation – Dexter Jhay Bago, CTC/


  • Faceless  >> BEST Game Art/Graphics
  • Snakes & Frogs
    • Gameplay / Concept – Students of STI Tarlac & CLSDA
    • Character Arts – CLSDA
    • Programming – – Students of STI Tarlac
      • Group from STI COLLEGE TARLAC
        Alleo P. Indong
        Ronnel Paulo R. Santiago
        Niña Kristel Cheng
        Rodelio Martin Jr.
        Ian Sarmiento
        Marie Claire Arciga
        Vicente Dagot III
        Jan Francis Villavicencio
        Cesar Abel Jr.
        John Michael Lambino
        Kasselyn Cadiente
        Gene Katalino Pascual
        Efren Ignacio


        • Group from CLSDA

        Aceron Ramirez
        Ronnel Saranilla
        Joyce Salas

  • Paperplane
    • By Sir Noel Umerez & Students of Araullo University

Its been a great experience for the participants, as they make new friends as they collaborate on making a prototype game 🙂

Google Developers Group NE/Central Luzon

Its been almost a year! Yah, sorry for the delay (due to too many projects that occupy my team hands & time).

Well, The Google Developers Group GDG NE Chapter is now getting into reality. Ofcourse with the help of Ms. Imay Galinato, Sir Wilson Censon, Ms. Chelle Gray & other parties involved in bringing the one most powerful IT Company in the World – Google (or should i say they are the most).

So what’s w/ GDG-NE?

Well, nothing much – but just a group that will bring great opportunities to participants (that will ofcourse – excel in using Google APIs / things {so learn advance to do so}).

for more info about GDG goto the ff:


Global Game Jam @ CLSU

Again, spearheading another big event on our area.

Once again, the international game development event “Global Game Jam” will be happening this January 24-26, 2014 – 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Like the previous years, we expecting hundreds of participants from Schools, Colleges, Universities around Luzon. 3 days collaboration of Students, Proffesionals, Hobbyist & Game Dev Companies from around world, and to those who are lucky (skilled enough), projects/clients are awaiting. For more information please see clsuggj &