Why can't i waste my time???

Its tardy feeling, but still i can’t seem to waste my time doing things that are NOT PRODUCTIVE!!!

I hardly feel that i have to go on doing the important things even i feel like i need a break…

Maybe, there are just lots of things need to be done first in order to do some “real” relaxation… due to this mind of mine can’t seem to relax while there are things unsettled…

I need to get RICH first in order for me to stop pushing myself doing all this projects!!!

Im going to be rich!!!

Else i wont have time to waste my time!!! Wahhh!!!

We got a BIG project!!!

The Sanguniang Panglunsod (SP)of Science City of Munoz, Nueva Ecija Awards the “E-library Project” to team artsdigitalmedia.com

Like what we already deployed for San Jose City Nueva ecija (http://sanjose.co.nr/), we will also create a robust applications that can be expanded to the project scope such as online collaboration, paperless system, web database archiving, video conference that will help the SP make better transactions and provide more efficient outputs to better serve the constituents of the Science City of Munoz.

Thanks to Hon. Vice Mayor Ester Abrina Lazaro and the Councilors of the Science City of Munoz, Nueva Ecija!