New Toy 3D Depth Sensor – Structure.IO

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Well we been doing a lot of futuristics stuffs already, though each device and technology acquisition is always something to celebrate with.

Simply expect further more cools apps from us! AR VR MR BCI IOT combined hehe 🙂

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Shooting Game :)

VR Shooting Game Banner 1000px

This is the output of our just for fun participation at Global Game Jam 2016 – an Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Space Shooting Game (created only in 48 hours). The good thing about this is – this game will run even on device w/o GYROSCOPE [that will only require the image below] – Its ready to play – though there might still be some bug at the moment – we will still continue on making this even better game (later)




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Another Global Game Jamming Fun

Will be conducting another Global Game Jam activity this January 29-31, 2016. It sure will be more than just fun – being i sync with thousands of cool people from GameDev and Artist to Audio Engineers and Voice Talents 🙂

I think ill be making another Mix Reality Game (Augmented and Virtual Reality combined) 🙂

Our Jam site link

See for more info

Real State @ Virtual Reality

Are you in Real State business? Do you want to take advantage? Beat competition? Boost your sales?

Our team can provide solutions that will give your prospect/client best user experience by using Virtual Reality (VR) – its more like bringing them into the area (solves transportation cost), this also serves as electronic brochures (save on printing cost) and give them the power to even customized (paint/color or decorate) the interior of the unit (this is the magic – that will beat the competition).

Here is the video preview 🙂

visit us at Blast Asia Inc. – email us artpologabriel @

The future of teaching/training – the Augmented Reality way

And so, we want to teach people the better way or atleast give some instructions that they will actually understand and enjoy 🙂

The video above is a simple augmented reality app for training and education – created by team ARVR unit of Blast Asia Inc. (im so proud to be the team leader of the group)


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Education App

My team recently created a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Education App – its a simple VR AR FlashCard, very primitive and yet so easy to use (yah requires Google Cardboard as of now – but we will make a one that wont need Google Cardboard.

This app is great for toddlers and preschoolers. Parents and teachers will find this app very handy and a non boring to teach the basic ALPHABET as when the Flash card is seen and processed – an amazing 3d object will pop out in the virtual world (such as A = Apple, B = Banana) and some 3d objects are even animated and can be played with. See this video (yah you have to print the flashcard or let it be like on the video, u better use a projector for the whole class (more students) to experience it.

Here’s the playstore link