Virtual Reality Sample using Matterport

Virtual Reality Sample

Its On! Apply Now!

From Out-of-school-youth To Out-of-the-box-app-developer

Well, this is not about me even though i also am like this. Yah, i didn’t able to make it to a college but look at me now (a multi-platform web, app, arv, vr, brain control, etc developer) 🙂

Anyway, this is about the future of an upcoming web, app or game developer that will also be coming from rags (then hopefully to riches).

As part of my Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) “i hereby declaring Martial Law” – oppsss, hehe that’s just a joke and i’ll never be on any government position anyway. What i’m trying to say is with this, i am giving away free tutorial services to deserving out-of-school-youth(s).


1.Announcement (posting to social media)

2. Screening & Announcement of chosen one(s)

3. A week of basic computer operation (if will passed will proceed to further computer training, but if not – we will have to start over again – or sorry)

4. Web design and development training

5. Computer graphics, layout, drawing, and animation training

6. Game concept making, character creation, environment level design, etc. (optional)

7. Basic game creation using our upcoming Game Engine (or existing game engines) (optional)

8. Testing and (if everything is good) Publishing to Playstore and (if lucky enough even to Appstore) (optional)


Dancing Head Video Fun Booth @ Puregold Event

One of our fun booth such as the Dancing Head Video Fun Booth makes the participants go laugh out loud to the fullest seeing themselves dancing so wacky.

Here are the sample outputs from the event

See all videos here

So do want your event to get that unlimited LOL and wackiness? Reserve an sched now contact us 🙂