Epson Moverio BT300

Again, we are so proud that one of the latest gadget for smart glass technology (actually just landed here in PH and just one of its kind at the moment) is on our hands.

We will soon post our creations and experiences on this new device. Thank you very much EPSON PH for entrusting it to us.

img_1505 img_1500 img_1501 img_1510

Our Microsoft Hololens Experience

img_1186 img_1189 img_1193 img_1224


Its now here! the much awaiteddevice!

Microsoft Hololens

As we tried out and experienced this very cool device here is what we can say about it

> Tracking tracking tracking – damn! It’s just a piece of device w/o any external gadget requirement that tracks the environment & objects around you. Almost No-latency (maybe if w/ tons of contents hehe) With its hi-precise positional tracking, click/tap switch, bloom-switch, voice command, voice recognition (there’s a lot more to explore) – its one of a kind

> Graphics – Yoh – well, we haven’t really tried too much environment and 3d objects but it has a great potential on showing off – powered by an Intel Atom CPU, then a GPU and this new processing unit the Holographic one (HPU).

> Usages: Well i can say most of the things that VR & AR can do. The immersive interface makes it high above the others tech.

> Wireless! this one in un-tethered – no cable needed (maybe just a powerbank if you want to use it longer than four (4) hours.

> Use cases: Well – as we can all see out there in videos/ photos/ blogs – yah it can be used in many ways and in a very intuitive awesome UI.

> What’s next? Well – here it goes – DEVELOPMENT TIME 🙂 ill post the apps we will be creating.


Promoting AR, VR, SmartGlass and Brain Control Interfaces @ DLSU

IMG_0920 IMG_0917 IMG_0898


Once again the team conquered another University in the Philippines – De Lasalle State University. We showcased Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, SmartGlass and Brain Control Interface Technologies 🙂 Special Thanks to EPSON with its Smartglass MOVERIO for making the event more exciting 🙂

Augmented & Virtual Reality @ BRENT International School Manila




Activity 1: Augmented Reality Creation using Android Mobile Device (30 Mins)
Activity 2: Virtual Reality Google Cardboard Making (30Mins)

There will be 4 – 6 Sessions from 8:00 AM – 12:00NN  and 1:00PM – 3:00PM

Participants should bring the ff:

Activity 1: latest Android Device(s)
Activyt 2: Scissor, cutter, any cardboard/karton/plastic film, compass, glue gun, ruler, rubber band, and a used/clean empty clear bottle of mineral water (will be used to make a lens).



Google Virtual Reality “Cardboard” Android App :)

Having fun with Cardboard (Google VR Virtual Reality) – some experts from google made some cheap solution for everyone to experience Virtual Reality, the SDK is opensource wow! but again – learning new things is great but will squeeze up brains and nose definitely bleeds again.

Here is what i come up 🙂

its great that once again the Google Community Manager at Baguio Sir, Reymart Canuel invited me to be one of the resource speaker 🙂  – i will share my experiences on creating google cardboard app 🙂invite000

Also,  FYI Facebook purchased Occulus Rift (Virtual Reality Device) months ago, then this cool thing just came up. Occulus Rift  cost is $350 while Cardboard is $3.60 🙂


Seminar Workshop on 3D Character & Animation

Team invites everyone to a day of tutorial on 3d character modelling and animation.

Where: PAO, CLSU
When: March 16, 2013, Saturday
What to bring:
> Laptop that can run either Maya 2010 / Max 2009 / Blender 2.65a
> Template (drawing of your desired character you wish to be in 3D)
> Snacks and other things that may help out
Attire: Come as you are – as long as its neat or acceptable
Fee: Php 150.00 per head
Maximum number of participants:  20 – 30
So reserved your slot(s) now!!! See yah!!!