Danger in using free web services!!!

Have u heard the news?

Well, the news about facebook, friendster, multiply and other social networking website?

According to the news at ABS-CBN last 10th of March 2009 that was Tuesday 7 in the evening. This social networking websites are gathering user’s data and what’s worst is ALL YOUR DATA YOU PUT THERE WILL BE THEIR SOLE PROPERTY! Ohhh… Meaning if they own your data THEY CAN SELL it to third party websites! That’s the reason you are receiving lots of SPAM emails from the time you register to this social networking websites.
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3d game using blender3d

Creating a 3d game is really not that hard when you use blender3d (http://blender3d.org)… because both the game engine and the 3d authoring tools are already integrated, not like the other way that you have to do it separately using two different software.(e.g. use 3dmax to create 3d models and use a seperate game engine to program the game.

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Community Trap Barrier System in 3d

This is the Community Trap Barrier System, this was our (beta version) project with Philippine Rice Research Institute (www.philrice.gov.ph)… this 3d animated video shows how CTBS works. Please contact PhilRice for the final version of this animation.

the 1st video shows the materials needed for CTBS. the 2nd video shows how CTBS works.

top 3 great 3d animation and interactive providers in the Philippines

With my interest in 3d design and animation, 3d walk-thru virtual tours and 3d interactive & game design, i collected links of 3d communities and service providers in the Philippines.

here are the top 3 great 3d animation and interactive providers in the Philippines.




and here are some of the well organized communities and resources.




some schools and tutorial centers







ill be posting few of my 3d creations and researches on my next post, also some work output and tips.