Intel Galileo 2 package {Arduino} awarded by IntelMalaysia

Intel Galileo 2 package {Arduino} awared by Intel Malaysia 🙂 Team is now even more ready for Robotics/Sensors/Industrial-SoftDev – to those who want to collab – raise your hands (and contact me thru Pm or Lets make Jarvis and Hololens alike interfaces >> other modules needed will follow soon tooIMG_20141223_115907 [800x600] IMG_20141223_120151 [800x600] IMG_20141223_115922 [800x600] IMG_20141223_120135 [800x600]

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Education App

My team recently created a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Education App – its a simple VR AR FlashCard, very primitive and yet so easy to use (yah requires Google Cardboard as of now – but we will make a one that wont need Google Cardboard.

This app is great for toddlers and preschoolers. Parents and teachers will find this app very handy and a non boring to teach the basic ALPHABET as when the Flash card is seen and processed – an amazing 3d object will pop out in the virtual world (such as A = Apple, B = Banana) and some 3d objects are even animated and can be played with. See this video (yah you have to print the flashcard or let it be like on the video, u better use a projector for the whole class (more students) to experience it.

Here’s the playstore link