Multi-user application – Demo Game – RC Wars

Here is the update of my earlier post Multi-user application using Unity3d now web based 🙂

















Title: RC Wars (Remote control car wars hehe)

WASD = move
Space = shoot
E = reset position (when your player got stuck up-side-down)

Game Objects:
Hummer = Player
Range Rover = Enemies (tons of non stop spawning enemies – will limit on next update)

Forest / Terrain – tons of trees and land obstacles

Shoot the enemies with unlimited bullets
Enemy now shots back player

Bugs: (will be fixed on next update)
Players starts on one exact location
Super unlimited enemy

How to play:

> Download and install this webplayer for windows    webplayer for mac
> Load the game click here – its around 1.5MB (yes its only that small for a very nice looking 3d game level design)
> Once loaded, select for either “Master Server”(recommended) or “IP Direct Connection” (option only in case u can’t use master server)
> On Master Server – click “Start Server” then wait for other computers/players within your Local Area Network (LAN) to see a server is running (refresh/retest connection) and join in when they see a new button with an IP address (of the server) – then click “Network” and voila – gameON!!!

> On IP Direct Connection – click “Start Server” – then give your IP address to other players on the LAN. – other players will type-in the servers IP then click connect – and voila – gameON!!!

Next features:
> Player life meter
> Player re-spawn
> Score board
> Chat
> Sound FX

Whats surprising is.. this entire 3d application only took me less than 3 weeks (2-3 hours a day) to work with while at my very busy working schedule  of course with a little help from my colleagues 🙂

Multi-user application using Unity3d

I been doing 3d interactive for almost 7 years now and yes, its been really hard to create one. You have to do 3d modeling, rigging, animation, export to compliant format properly, then the hardest thing of all – the coding to make it interactive or a game, then compile for web or offline based application.

Recently, i explored Unity3d and it gives me more power – rapid development – because in less time i  finished my application than other software I used before. Well, unity3d is a game engine – and not a 3d modeling app &  you still have to know Object Oriented Programming (C++/Javascript/Java/Python/As3 or Boo hehehe).  But unity3d has a GUI (like blender3d which is also one of the best software for free) that makes it quite easier than only imagining the 3d scene & objects using a text editors IDE alone.

In just 1-2 weeks i have deployed a simple multi-player 3d game. Yes, its not yet done, but the functionality is almost done. Building a network application really takes heck of time and efforts but with unity3d i can say that “i finally found the one” hehe. Back then it takes months for the same thing/output.

Well, please try my unfinished but working multiplayer 3d game created using unity3d.

Instruction, download and play – see “network.exe” run it –  click start server, copy the zipped file  to another computer with the same network, then type-in the IP address (replace the with the server’s IP address) – then voila – you will see each other’s player (a box that will move & shoot using  WASD & Space keys). By the way there will be lots of gray cube (enemies with programmed Artificial Intelligence & rigidbody/physics) that will chase your player – enemies can be shoot but wont die for now hehehe

try it now – download here!

Free Mobile Applications – Coming Soon!!!

My team is now venturing into mobile apps such as multiplayer 3d games for iphone, ipad, android & other mobile devices. The best thing about this venture is, this mobile apps will be FREE for download (as in free beer). Featuring the pilipino cultures / traditional games such as takip-silim, patintero, sungka, luksong-tinik, luksong baka, habulan-pulis, langit-lupa atbp. 🙂

We only hoping our fellow kabababayan will support our venture by simply downloading the apps and using it regularly. I think that’s not too much to ask, and its LIBRE so there should be nothing to be hesitate about using our mobile apps 🙂

Please regularly visit this website for the updates! Godbless 🙂

Do you want to be seen on a 3d game?

Want to be seen on a 3d game? Want to get more publicity? Send your photos & include a resume to contact(a)

Your photos must be with the ff attributes;
1. Head front view – exactly at the very front of your face, eye leveled camera view.
2. Head left view – must be at almost 90 degrees from the front.
3. Full body shot – front and left view. (wearing fitted dress, to get the contour of your body for 3d reference)

All photos must be clear with fair lighting like an ID picture, Jpeg/Png file format, atleast 300 DPI resolution.

Note: for those who have long hair, please tie it up, face up to your ears must be seen clearly, then send another set of photo with hair untied.

Sample photos for your references:


Make sure on the almost perfect front camera position

Pose this way, but not necessary nude.

We will create a gallery of 3d model character output & surprise you with your 3d poses, outfits & renderings like photos below 🙂 –


Oh not yet done, we will apply bone (armature /rigged / biped ) to the 3d models, then apply motion capture data for animations, then compile the 3d model for interactive use, then export / convert the the format to make the 3d file usable in 3d games –