Multi-user application – Demo Game – RC Wars

Here is the update of my earlier post Multi-user application using Unity3d now web based 🙂

















Title: RC Wars (Remote control car wars hehe)

WASD = move
Space = shoot
E = reset position (when your player got stuck up-side-down)

Game Objects:
Hummer = Player
Range Rover = Enemies (tons of non stop spawning enemies – will limit on next update)

Forest / Terrain – tons of trees and land obstacles

Shoot the enemies with unlimited bullets
Enemy now shots back player

Bugs: (will be fixed on next update)
Players starts on one exact location
Super unlimited enemy

How to play:

> Download and install this webplayer for windows    webplayer for mac
> Load the game click here – its around 1.5MB (yes its only that small for a very nice looking 3d game level design)
> Once loaded, select for either “Master Server”(recommended) or “IP Direct Connection” (option only in case u can’t use master server)
> On Master Server – click “Start Server” then wait for other computers/players within your Local Area Network (LAN) to see a server is running (refresh/retest connection) and join in when they see a new button with an IP address (of the server) – then click “Network” and voila – gameON!!!

> On IP Direct Connection – click “Start Server” – then give your IP address to other players on the LAN. – other players will type-in the servers IP then click connect – and voila – gameON!!!

Next features:
> Player life meter
> Player re-spawn
> Score board
> Chat
> Sound FX

Whats surprising is.. this entire 3d application only took me less than 3 weeks (2-3 hours a day) to work with while at my very busy working schedule  of course with a little help from my colleagues 🙂

Munoz 3d game update!!!



Hello folks! Version 3 preview of the munoz 3d game is now available for download. Now with 3D INTERACTIVE CAR. Preview of the First City Based 3d Game here in the Philippines! the Science City of Muñoz 3D Game…

Take note that this is a work in progress only(eka nga non optimized pa), there are lots of work to be done to complete this project. Yet, you can now try the interface. Navigation is “up, left, rigth, down” keyboard keys , kick objects move-forward to kick-able objects…

Please DOWNLOAD & PREVIEW ( now only 10MB file size, so it will take sometime) to show your support and appreciation!!!

The project needs support and publicity. Also our student-trainees welcome sponsors to speed the completion of this project!

For sponsorship please call or txt this numbers 09996222504 / 09267277539 / 8359937

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