Update: RC Wars

On my daily dose of game development. Here’s an update to my small 3d game, the Remote Control Car – “RC Wars” .

New features, hmmm… not much add, just the explosion,  light bullet and some aura-trail for the player. Game file size is still at 1.2MB Ofcourse Unity3D engine powered.

Soon will add the ff:

  • Player names , yes its a multiplayer game (LAN for now,  target to be online)
  • Score
  • Chat
  • Levels

WASD = move
Space = shoot
E = reset position (when your player got stuck up-side-down) Continue reading

Multi-user application – Demo Game – RC Wars

Here is the update of my earlier post Multi-user application using Unity3d now web based 🙂

















Title: RC Wars (Remote control car wars hehe)

WASD = move
Space = shoot
E = reset position (when your player got stuck up-side-down)

Game Objects:
Hummer = Player
Range Rover = Enemies (tons of non stop spawning enemies – will limit on next update)

Forest / Terrain – tons of trees and land obstacles

Shoot the enemies with unlimited bullets
Enemy now shots back player

Bugs: (will be fixed on next update)
Players starts on one exact location
Super unlimited enemy

How to play:

> Download and install this webplayer for windows    webplayer for mac
> Load the game click here – its around 1.5MB (yes its only that small for a very nice looking 3d game level design)
> Once loaded, select for either “Master Server”(recommended) or “IP Direct Connection” (option only in case u can’t use master server)
> On Master Server – click “Start Server” then wait for other computers/players within your Local Area Network (LAN) to see a server is running (refresh/retest connection) and join in when they see a new button with an IP address (of the server) – then click “Network” and voila – gameON!!!

> On IP Direct Connection – click “Start Server” – then give your IP address to other players on the LAN. – other players will type-in the servers IP then click connect – and voila – gameON!!!

Next features:
> Player life meter
> Player re-spawn
> Score board
> Chat
> Sound FX

Whats surprising is.. this entire 3d application only took me less than 3 weeks (2-3 hours a day) to work with while at my very busy working schedule  of course with a little help from my colleagues 🙂

Multi-user application using Unity3d

I been doing 3d interactive for almost 7 years now and yes, its been really hard to create one. You have to do 3d modeling, rigging, animation, export to compliant format properly, then the hardest thing of all – the coding to make it interactive or a game, then compile for web or offline based application.

Recently, i explored Unity3d and it gives me more power – rapid development – because in less time i  finished my application than other software I used before. Well, unity3d is a game engine – and not a 3d modeling app &  you still have to know Object Oriented Programming (C++/Javascript/Java/Python/As3 or Boo hehehe).  But unity3d has a GUI (like blender3d which is also one of the best software for free) that makes it quite easier than only imagining the 3d scene & objects using a text editors IDE alone.

In just 1-2 weeks i have deployed a simple multi-player 3d game. Yes, its not yet done, but the functionality is almost done. Building a network application really takes heck of time and efforts but with unity3d i can say that “i finally found the one” hehe. Back then it takes months for the same thing/output.

Well, please try my unfinished but working multiplayer 3d game created using unity3d.

Instruction, download and play – see “network.exe” run it –  click start server, copy the zipped file  to another computer with the same network, then type-in the IP address (replace the with the server’s IP address) – then voila – you will see each other’s player (a box that will move & shoot using  WASD & Space keys). By the way there will be lots of gray cube (enemies with programmed Artificial Intelligence & rigidbody/physics) that will chase your player – enemies can be shoot but wont die for now hehehe

try it now – download here!