Torque3D: Commercial Game Engine to Open Source!

To all fans ofย  Torque3D, Garagegames recently announced they are moving forward to Open Source MIT license.

Torque 3d is one of the best 3d game engine.

“The Torque community is now home to 150,000+ game developers and artists with additional licensees of more than 200 universities and schools for computer science and game design curricula.

Torque is a constantly evolving technology built for speed and ease of use. We reinvest in Torque aggressively with 40+ experienced developers working on the technology. Available on the PC, Mac, iPhone, web, and more, Torque stays up to date on relevant platforms and ahead of the curve in performance. Torque’s licensees include scrappy innovators and industry giants alike, as you can see below.

Torque provides dedicated personnel for custom support on Torque projects. With some of the best developers in the industry at your back, your project is assured to come together on time and a success. ” – quoted from

So what are you waiting for download now!!!

Free Mobile Applications – Coming Soon!!!

My team is now venturing into mobile apps such as multiplayer 3d games for iphone, ipad, android & other mobile devices. The best thing about this venture is, this mobile apps will be FREE for download (as in free beer). Featuring the pilipino cultures / traditional games such as takip-silim, patintero, sungka, luksong-tinik, luksong baka, habulan-pulis, langit-lupa atbp. ๐Ÿ™‚

We only hoping our fellow kabababayan will support our venture by simply downloading the apps and using it regularly. I think that’s not too much to ask, and its LIBRE so there should be nothing to be hesitate about using our mobile apps ๐Ÿ™‚

Please regularly visit this website for the updates! Godbless ๐Ÿ™‚

Preview: 3rd person game – 3d character in flash environment

Me and my team ( are now into mobile apps/games development (play using Ipad, Iphone, Ios, & Anroid Phones/Tablets). This is our sample of a 3rd person 3d game, basically its on initial development stage (there are lots of things to be fixed and work with, well its a heck but its fun doing crappy things on gamedev)..

You may use keyboard keys: W, E, A, S, D and space to interact (walk/animate). though this may load sometime its actually a 3MB data download time, around 2-3 minutes loading on slow internet connection.

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