Danger in using free web services!!!

Have u heard the news?

Well, the news about facebook, friendster, multiply and other social networking website?

According to the news at ABS-CBN last 10th of March 2009 that was Tuesday 7 in the evening. This social networking websites are gathering user’s data and what’s worst is ALL YOUR DATA YOU PUT THERE WILL BE THEIR SOLE PROPERTY! Ohhh… Meaning if they own your data THEY CAN SELL it to third party websites! That’s the reason you are receiving lots of SPAM emails from the time you register to this social networking websites.

First, they actually earning from you already! From the web ranking you gave them, the more you visit and update your data such as profiles, photos, invite and message your friends the more they earn from you! That’s why the interface is free, WELL ITS NOT, it’s their strategy to get your data and get ranks.

Ranks? What do they do with ranks? Well, the more people log and visit a website, the more advertisers and sponsors they get, means they earn a lot from you that’s why they are developing awesome interface to keep YOU (like kapuso and kapamilya been doing “the survey rank war” at least on television they don’t get your data’s they invest to give viewers a nice program)

So what can we do now? How are we going to enjoy the internet if this policies and rules are set by this social networking website? Is there any other way to protect ourselves, our data and privacy?

The answer is… GET YOURSELF A WEBSITE! You have the control of everything, you own your own content, no policies or you’ll set one “your are the boss”, you can sue anyone who gets your data, and think of it if your contents are worth viewing you can even earn from your website, and what’s best is… you can have a website for only ONE PESO A DAY! (See artsdigitalmedia.com to get one)

Else, if you are just nothing and if you don’t care about your data, photos and privacy, you can still enjoy those social networking websites ?

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