Space Apps Challenge PH 2016 Mandaluyong

After Diwata1 was sent to space, Space Apps Challenge PH 2016 Mandaluyong was announced by Mobility. After the announcement, the registration for the challenge has been sold out in a day.
On April 22, the event has been held. In 72 hours, the participants need to present a solution to the challenges sent by Space Apps Leads.
Before the competition start, speaker Mithi share some insights about space technology.
Participants have an option to stay overnight or leave in the evening and come back in the morning.
The event was also simultaneously broadcast in other locations such as Dagupan and La Union.
The judges are excited to see the solutions made by different teams.
Global Representatives
    Singing Earth
    Puncture Sense
People’s Choice
Best Use of Hardware
Best Use of Data
Best Mission Concept
Herald of Creation
Most Inspirational
Mars Civilization
Galactic Impact
Mothership Mining
The event was supported by PLDT Innolab, Microsoft Philippines, Hubnob TV, and DOST-ICTO Luzon Cluster 2.

Apps4laughs: an App i created for my kids

a4l_logoIts been a while (actually almost a year hehe) an idea came to me as i am working at home and my kids wanted to know what im working at, yah the Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) stuffs. My daughter Lei told me – “Papa, can i also do that?” the AR. “Yes u can” i say – and she says “Ok let me do it now”… Oppppss… i told her making one is quite way too complicated for her at the moment, but she really insist and i let her try – i feel bad, as she was disappointed as she wont be able to create one…. So, i told her that i will create an interface for her that she will be able to create one without anymore disappointment.

And so, its now ready – Apps4laughs – its an Augmented Reality Mobile App where my daughter can create her own Magic (yah AR thingy is like magic – now u see, now u dont – vice versa) . Yah, its as easy to make one by just a tap of buttons to add things to the interface such as Text, 3D objects, particles (like fire, sparkle,fireworks). Later will expand so that images and other things can be added.

An App exclusively for my kids? Nope – once its fully ready – we will share it to every one for FREE.

download it from here




Web Content Development & Updating Seminar @ CLSU (Part 1)

Just this morning i did some talk about “Web Content Development & Updating” at the IGS, CLSU. Participants are CLSU Devcomm students. Its really nice sharing what you know and let other people get inspired ( inspired? that’s a big word hehe) or atleast  get something new or something helpful to make some task a breeze. Well, i think ill be having  new friends too (i hope all of the participants 🙂 ).

To all students participants you can download the presentation here (Web Content Development & Updating – Slides (PDF Format))

The download links of the handy tools (softwares/utilities) will be posted here very very soon. On our next meet, will be doing the hands-on workshop.

Thanks again!

————————- IMPORTANT —————————

Regarding the ASSIGNMENT, participants must complete a POST (compose an ARTICLE, UPLOAD PHOTO, EMBED A YOUTUBE VIDEO)..

So how to? Once logged in to this site using the FBLOGIN (the blue button below the page header and at the top of the right frame). You will notice new options at the TOP OF THE PAGE.  See NEW (put your mouse on it & options will show) >> Select POST.Then the page will redirect to a text editor. Play with it for now 🙂 its as easy as using MSWORD, then see ADD MEDIA Button to upload PHOTO (see add photo to post).

On our workshop, i will teach you how to properly format your POST.

Thanks ulet 🙂