Web Content Development & Updating Seminar @ CLSU (Part 1)

Just this morning i did some talk about “Web Content Development & Updating” at the IGS, CLSU. Participants are CLSU Devcomm students. Its really nice sharing what you know and let other people get inspired ( inspired? that’s a big word hehe) or atleastย  get something new or something helpful to make some task a breeze. Well, i think ill be havingย  new friends too (i hope all of the participants ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

To all students participants you can download the presentation here (Web Content Development & Updating – Slides (PDF Format))

The download links of the handy tools (softwares/utilities) will be posted here very very soon. On our next meet, will be doing the hands-on workshop.

Thanks again!

————————- IMPORTANT —————————

Regarding the ASSIGNMENT, participants must complete a POST (compose an ARTICLE, UPLOAD PHOTO, EMBED A YOUTUBE VIDEO)..

So how to? Once logged in to this site using the FBLOGIN (the blue button below the page header and at the top of the right frame). You will notice new options at the TOP OF THE PAGE.ย  See NEW (put your mouse on it & options will show) >> Select POST.Then the page will redirect to a text editor. Play with it for now ๐Ÿ™‚ its as easy as using MSWORD, then see ADD MEDIA Button to upload PHOTO (see add photo to post).

On our workshop, i will teach you how to properly format your POST.

Thanks ulet ๐Ÿ™‚


Will do a talking again at University of Sto. Tomas :)

Yah, i got a message from UST people. They will be having an event on Game/App Development this 11-12 of February 2014, and are looking for resource speaker(s) on developing 2d & 3d games/applications. Then ofcourse, how can i refuse to share want i got to hungry minds. I will be talking about “Game Development in the Philippines” and will do a DEMO “3D Game w/o codes” using my favorite gamedev softwares. The participants will be faculty & students of University of Sto. Tomas. >> will post update on this once im there & what will have happen ๐Ÿ™‚

2d & 3d Augmented Reality Application in the Philippines

Team artsdigitalmedia.com is now venturing on to the new & higher technology. We are now providing Interactive 2d & 3d Augmented Reality Application for Desktops (Windows, Linux, Mac) & Mobiles/Tables(Android, Iphone, Blackberry).

Augmented Reality is good for business promotion nowadays! Most of the famous companies in US/EUROPE/JAPAN have this kind of business tool (Philippines is adopting AR just this 3rd quarter of 2013). Aside from just promotion, this Augmented Reality App can be used as perfect tool for the following businesses >> apparels, shoes, furniture, computer & gadgets. Imagine target clients/customers can custom the item (change color, size/dimension, texture, etc.) before clicking the buy button. Giving the customers the purchasing power & showcase their creativity.

Here are the links of our Sample Augmented Reality Applications:

For inquiry on how your business will get an amazing 2d/3d Augmented Reality App – email us contact[a]artsdigitalmedia.com or call USMobile 14427774214 ; PHMobiles 09328530044 // 09467244620.

Google Developers Group NE/Central Luzon

Its been almost a year! Yah, sorry for the delay (due to too many projects that occupy my team hands & time).

Well, The Google Developers Group GDG NE Chapter is now getting into reality. Ofcourse with the help of Ms. Imay Galinato, Sir Wilson Censon, Ms. Chelle Gray & other parties involved in bringing the one most powerful IT Company in the World – Google (or should i say they are the most).

So what’s w/ GDG-NE?

Well, nothing much – but just a group that will bring great opportunities to participants (that will ofcourse – excel in using Google APIs / things {so learn advance to do so}).

for more info about GDG goto the ff:





FREE 3D Android Apps

Well, finally…

Due to busyness of the team to other projects, we are now uploading one by one our FREE 3D Android APPS.

>> UTURN Ministry – requested APP – an Augmented Reality APP that shows 3D interactive animation.

>> CLSU 3D Virtual Tour – from the project 3dxploration.com, we converted the interface to Android App.

>> More to come – but we will upload it at our GOOGLE PLAY store.