Successfully completed our Global Game Jam @ CLSU

GGJ-CLSUThere were more than 65 attendees and participants, divided into 5 teams with 5 simple games. But the best part of it is, most of the participants just got acquainted with a game engine last January 25, 2013. Yes, they just learned from the tutorial provided by me – Sir. Art Polo Gabriel III  . Ofcourse as expected with first timers, the output are still raw and buggy – but whats important is they got themselves in game creation and got an experience on how to make games. The game outputs will be seen at the official website of global game game very very soon :)

It a great experience (though very busy busy days). Hanging around with cool people that wishes to learn about game development, though they are just new with this kind of activity still they get their hands dirty and tried to finish whatever it takes 🙂

Got tons of new friends 🙂 beautiful ones

I really wish that this will be a non stop game dev activity from this day on 🙂 Game ON!!!!

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