How to keep text links & back link ads in your website?

We’ll, as most of us web owners know about web advertisements. This “text links & back link ads” somehow come surprisingly and suddenly go. And, that thing is not a good thing for our website business.

So how and what should we do to keep this “text links & back link ads” in our website, and make them stay forever(or at least a longer term).

As we all know that the very first thing is we have to have a website that can drive tons of daily visitors, and to do that we have to have quality contents, updated post and articles, something that can magnet subscribers.

But if our website is not that much, and not enough or no subscriber at all.

There are simple things to keep this “text links & back link ads” in your website. Make sure its not a pay-per-click advertising like google adsense (if so, you will be detected and banned by adsense program).

Simple visit the url of this “text links & back link ads” from your website. Actually most of this “text links & back link ads” are simply longing for web visitors to gain high Page Rank (Google, Alexa, Yahoo, Bing,

If you can provide them daily visit (twice a day will be better) they [this “text links & back link ads”] will stay on your website.

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