Facebook web invasion

Well, have you ever think that facebook is invading all websites?

In my perspective, yes! Facebook created application protocol interface (API) to linked their system to every website across the globe. Facebook is much too clever, their strategy is such a class. Now most of the websites are linked to facebook systems, users no longer want to sign up/register in a website manually, they just look for the “login using facebook” option. Well, it save them time & effort…

Here in the philippines, even big corporations and companies such as TV stations have their facebook page (also tweeter). Even government institutions here in the philippines has each own official facebook page(s). They say that yes it will easily get in touch with people. Yah i agree and i have to doubt about it.

But as we all can see, facebook is really getting into our lives. I actually don’t want to join facebook but i was forced to do so, why? well, i knew that using any social networking website is like getting used also.

I am forced to open facebook everyday, due to some of my clients are sending me messages using facebook. All my friends and colleagues are using it, my kids are also using it.

I am now, forced to add facebook system in my clients websites (request of my clients).

I am now forced to add facebook to my company website also, (this blogsite is already connected to facebook, damn but it really is).

Well, how much more will it be?

Facebook really dominated! A web invasion!

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