Project Growing!

More client advertisers are coming in! To all client publishers of make sure you have the following:

  • Updated contents – as much as possible update post weekly or much better daily.
  • Make sure your permalinks are search engine friendly (SEO compliant)
  • Contents are well written and not a replica from other website (do not just copy & paste – revise it)
  • More visitors – make sure you have continues gimiks to gain more regular website visitors
  • Don’t let your website be eaten by Facebook, use facebook to drive people to your website
  • Try to use PHP/Mysql based website hosting if possible

Share your blessings! By telling other website owners to signup at

Free Facebook Ads!

Well, as we all know facebook really soup up the web traffic. Being number two (2) on the most popular website today [according to] And having an advertisement at facebook drives hits to your website, and maybe get sales. But you can never have a facebook ads for free.

Did i say not free???

Well, there are ways to get a free Facebook ads.

1. Get as many FB LIKE as possible.

2. Get as many Friends as possible

3. Ask your friends to re-post your post (the advertisement)

4. Make friends with famous personalities (maybe actors, actress, signers & bands –  etc. ) and give him/her a free taste of your product for a free endorsement.

5. Send message to FB members (then put your ads)

6. Try this “Get FB ads Free” systems (i haven’t tried it yet…)


Ohhh… i really hate blogging facebook things, but it somehow helps me get higher page rank and search engine ranks… (pair enough i guess)


Facebook web invasion

Well, have you ever think that facebook is invading all websites?

In my perspective, yes! Facebook created application protocol interface (API) to linked their system to every website across the globe. Facebook is much too clever, their strategy is such a class. Now most of the websites are linked to facebook systems, users no longer want to sign up/register in a website manually, they just look for the “login using facebook” option. Well, it save them time & effort… Continue reading

Adik sa Farmville (Addicted on playing Farmville)

Adik sa Farmville (Addicted on playing Farmville)

Well, I can see that most of my friends and classmates are now using facebook aside from friendster, e pano nga kc ‘libre’ … imagine the beautiful and user friendly interface for free, it actually cost millions to establish such social networking websites, pero bawi naman kc they actually earn billions a year from users by just using their services for free. Continue reading