Munoz 3d Game – preview – Running in Game Engine!


Hello folks! You may now download the Preview of the First City Based 3d Game here in the Philippines! the Science City of Muñoz 3D Game…

Take note that this is a work in progress only, there are lots of work to be done to complete this project. Controls navigation is “W-A-S-D”…

Please  DOWNLOAD & PREVIEW (20MB file, so it will take sometime) to show your support and appreciation!!!

The project needs support and publicity. Also our student-trainees welcome sponsors to speed the completion of this project!

For sponsorship please call or txt this numbers 09996222504 / 09267277539 / 8359937

Pinoy invades the entire earth!

This is just a funny though came over me looking how things are happening around us, like most of the Filipinos are moving out the country and others are longing to go abroad for work, fun and even stay there for good (migration).

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Adik sa Farmville (Addicted on playing Farmville)

Adik sa Farmville (Addicted on playing Farmville)

Well, I can see that most of my friends and classmates are now using facebook aside from friendster, e pano nga kc ‘libre’ … imagine the beautiful and user friendly interface for free, it actually cost millions to establish such social networking websites, pero bawi naman kc they actually earn billions a year from users by just using their services for free. Continue reading