Pinoy invades the entire earth!

This is just a funny though came over me looking how things are happening around us, like most of the Filipinos are moving out the country and others are longing to go abroad for work, fun and even stay there for good (migration).

Some noypis (Filipinos) are actually dying to get outside the country (I may sometimes also do hehe) and wishes to live there permanently.. Meron na nga nag aasawa na ng kana para mag ka green card d ba.. others are even have a political career in the US, yes! Noypi yang mga yan turned US citizen pero I know that their blood and heart na noypi sila (may agimat mga dugo nyan hehe). See, we are getting the power slowly hehehe, from a simple start, maybe time will come that a US president is a FILIPINO hehe

Manny Pacquiao works hard for the win and keep on winning, because he’s part of the battle plan, to get pinoy an attention and show the world that noypis are talented, skillful, and can do what is required & do it completely with ease. Nowadays in racial discrimination, noypis are no longer on it (maybe on some other countries) …

Well, to think that there are lots of noypi around the world and the numbers are getting bigger… isn’t it a silent invasion? Hehehe just a funny thoughts but like the Trojan horse sent to make roman fall (tama ba … please correct me if im wrong hehe)… It’s like a trick to let us get there and silently do our things, like the movie of Pearl Habor. Japan sent a spy to take photos and get information (the weakness of the enemy).

Is this an unintended plan that hasn’t realized yet? Hehe (when kaya)

Or was it meant to be? Just waiting to happen?

Or I’m just way too inventive hehe

Well, my last word – “NO OFFENSE” and SORRY for my WILD IMAGINATION

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