If I where the Philippine President

There are actually lots of thing to be done as the President. I know it’s a very hard kind of job, the sleepless nights and nightmares that you have to handle day and night. You can not make mistake and if you do so, you lost your peoples respect. And if they found something you’ve done wrong from the past, still it will chew your months out.

So what if there’s a chance that I can be the Philippine President?

What are the things ill prioritized? What will I do the make a good government? How can I make the economy better?

Well, easy… by just doing my JOB as the President!

Because if I where the president I have the power to do things as I say, (lalo n kung tama)… there may be critics, but as long as you know that your doing the right things you can make things right and right things will happen.

You may say that nobody can please everybody, but what is being president if you cannot make great things for everyone. Why should these people vote for you (unless you took your power without election hehe joke joke joke)

So, what will I do for the economy to be better? Eh, saan ba magastos pinas? Transportation and Energy Resources di ba…. So ill appropriate the funds, go to clean energy such as bio-ethanol projects, like the big electric fans at north wind project, rice husk fired power plants… what? You may say? Why on these? Why not? How much we spend using fossil fuels like gasoline, diesel and liquefied petroleum gas? Most of our money goes out due to the consumption of fuels. What if we can electrify the country… Imagine if most of the beaches has wind energy power plants, most of our rice husk are converted to energy and even the ocean waves (using dam) can make lots of electricity, what if the cost of electricity is just one (1) peso per kilowatt (KW) or even less… We no longer buy liquefied petroleum gas no more, kc there’s electric stoves that we can use. We don’t need to buy fossil fuels, we can implement the electronic cars. E-cars? Mahal un diba! Nope, actually there are ways to convert even your vintage car to an e-car (ill give the link later or just google it).

And what if a county has a lots of saving? We can now fund other productive and legal projects… like the agriculture, environment, education, poverty, and don’t forget the forces of peace (nga ba???) police power… hmmm I need to think pa on how to make this policemen became really what they are really supposed to be hehehe.

There are actually lots of other problems I may encounter, but what if I have the source (saved funds)… It can easily be solved.

You may say easy for me to say and just keep on dreaming coz it will never happen…

But, I can tell if I where the Philippine President, I can do it J

PS. I have no plans on running for any political position ( I don’t even registered yet to vote) busy eh hehehehe

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