Political Advertising vs Political Salaries

Well, how much does a President of the Philippines makes per month? according to my research, here a line quoted from http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_much_is_the_salary_of_the_Philippines_president

“Answer Currently, the Philippine Republic President is receiving Php60,000.00 (about USD1,333.33 at Php45.00 to 1 USD exchange rate) monthly. This is how much I pay for a mid-senior Developer/Programmer (PHP/Java) monthly. If compared to the President of the United States, as of 2001, the US President’s salary is about USD400,000.00 annually – or almost 3,000% higher than his Filipino counterpart. Continue reading

If I where the Philippine President

There are actually lots of thing to be done as the President. I know it’s a very hard kind of job, the sleepless nights and nightmares that you have to handle day and night. You can not make mistake and if you do so, you lost your peoples respect. And if they found something you’ve done wrong from the past, still it will chew your months out.

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