Do you want to be seen on a 3d game?

Want to be seen on a 3d game? Want to get more publicity? Send your photos & include a resume to contact(a)

Your photos must be with the ff attributes;
1. Head front view – exactly at the very front of your face, eye leveled camera view.
2. Head left view – must be at almost 90 degrees from the front.
3. Full body shot – front and left view. (wearing fitted dress, to get the contour of your body for 3d reference)

All photos must be clear with fair lighting like an ID picture, Jpeg/Png file format, atleast 300 DPI resolution.

Note: for those who have long hair, please tie it up, face up to your ears must be seen clearly, then send another set of photo with hair untied.

Sample photos for your references:


Make sure on the almost perfect front camera position

Pose this way, but not necessary nude.

We will create a gallery of 3d model character output & surprise you with your 3d poses, outfits & renderings like photos below 🙂 –


Oh not yet done, we will apply bone (armature /rigged / biped ) to the 3d models, then apply motion capture data for animations, then compile the 3d model for interactive use, then export / convert the the format to make the 3d file usable in 3d games –






We offer free training to schools(college/univ/highschools), government agencies, and even private companies on 3d modelling for interactive virtual tour, all you need is invite team for 2-3 days of training, and take care of the team travel expenses/lodging/meal. The free training value is worth Php 100,000.00++ (email us contact[at] . The output virtual tour will be hosted  for FREE at 3d simulation web server, you don’t have to worry on buying a 3d interactive server & software or bandwidth/web space costing. rebirth

Hi guys!

The project website has been reborn… see

So what’s new with 3dxploration website? well, the website will not just showcase 3d interactive virtual tour but also will publish 3d interactive object viewer that can be used for marketing, promotion, projects and can even used commercially


without any cost to the users.

Sponsored project by

Sponsored project by: The Science City of Munoz – 3d game – featuring “balbakwa” and “bumbungget” as the avatars (players)… Proceedings will go to the street children of SCM. This project is created and conceptualized by our Students-Trainees Game Designers/Developers… Screenshots will be uploaded soon!!!

Please help support this project!!!

Web-based 3d interactive interface is now cheap!

Back then only BIG Companies and Corporations can avail 3d technology for websites such as 3d interactive interface. Now, using Combined Open Source Technology, Team offers LOW COST development services with the same technology and aesthetic interface.’s prices is 50% lower than the other technology service provider  [example the AARKID.COM,,, ,,,,,,,,,

(e.g. compare pricing of AARKID (common price of the above mentioned other technology service providers) at url and from Philippines).

Also, has two (2) options/versions available, both JAVA & FLASH environments, (not just JAVA3d) where clients can choose which technology will fit on their requirements.

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