Web-based 3d interactive interface is now cheap!

Back then only BIG Companies and Corporations can avail 3d technology for websites such as 3d interactive interface. Now, using Combined Open Source Technology, Team artsdigitalmedia.com offers LOW COST development services with the same technology and aesthetic interface.

Artsdigitalmedia.com’s prices is 50% lower than the other technology service provider¬† [example the AARKID.COM,¬† www.oopsdigital.com, www.panoround.com, www.schlager.at , www.gagliano.at, www.interdevice.com.br, www.virgorv.com.br, www.schlager.at, www.gagliano.at, www.panoround.com, www.frolixdesign.com, www.kisp.com, www.massinfo.com.

(e.g. compare pricing of AARKID (common price of the above mentioned other technology service providers) at url http://aarkid.com/3d-prices.html and http://artsdigitalmedia.com/pricelist.php from Philippines).

Also, artsdigitalmedia.com has two (2) options/versions available, both JAVA & FLASH environments, (not just JAVA3d) where clients can choose which technology will fit on their requirements.