Basic & Simple HTML-CSS Menu show/hide SubMenu

This is my tutorial in making basic & simple HTML/CSS Menu that shows & hide SubMenus on Mouse Over. There are many other tutorials out there that maybe be better but quite complicated and heavy for beginners.

here it goes:

Create a style tag for your menu, dont forget the html/head/body tags – remember to put your stylesheet inside head tag.



Leave it without any parameters/option for now (later do as u wanted 🙂

next, add  the menu list

.menu li{}

if you want horizontal menu use float:left on list tags <li> else the default appearance will be vertical menu. then add your other style of your liking such as width, height, background-color/images, etc. (later recommended)

.menu li{ float:left}

next will be your submenu, hide it using display:none (or visibility: hidden for CSS3)

.menu ul{display:none}

Remember your main menu is at <li> tags and it holds your submenus at <ul> tags




Now here comes the magic that will reveal the submenu when the mouse is located over the menu (hovering they say)

add the following to your style

.menu li:hover ul{display: block;}

then again, add your other style of your liking such as width, height, background-color/images, etc.

see it live at

test it – submenu will be in – now u see now u don’t – state 🙂


Final code:



.menu li{
display: block;
width: 200px;
height; 50px;
.menu ul{
display: none;
.menu li:hover ul{
display: block;
background-color: blue;

<ul>home 1</ul>
<ul>home 2</ul>



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