Personal project: e-car

Been researching… and its about time! For a e-car (podcar)

The design will be based on the photos on the left. I will be designing my very own personal electronic car. Will purchase a 3kW~7kW brushes DC motor which is the best engine that fits for this project. The body will be metal wire frame with fiberglass exterior.

Gasoline price is really getting into my nerve, that’s why its best to have a fuel efficient vehicle nowadays.

I will be posting each development stage of this project, you may want to learn something, so visit my website regularly 🙂 What is that?

This is my personal project…

So what is

Well, i been developing several websites and wishes all of them to be accessible all at once (in one single homepage). But due to, i have too many websites, i have to make them (all these websites) my home page, thanks to the new options of the modern browsers… You can now set multiple homepage …

Problem is loading too many homepage at the same time burdens my CPU & my web browser (sometimes crash it).

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