Wanna be a VideoJockey in Virtual Reality?

Media360Ph / HangOut360PH is looking for College Students who wants to get a chance to be trained in:

Video Jockey

Students who would be lucky to join the team would have the following benefits and incentives such as:

– 100K worth of personal Android App that Media360PH would provide to be used as Portfolio, Setcard, BioApp to be used for any preferences you may like.

-Privilege to experience futuristic devices such as Hololens, Oculus Rift, 360Cam, Brain Control Interface, Moverio and many more.

– Educational Scholarship + Allowance

– Opportunity to travel on places like
*Tourist hotspots
*Exclusive Bar, Gigs, Jams
*Exclusive Events, Parties and More…

Think you would be the first ever VJ in a virtual reality hangout?

If you are:
-18 years old or above ( minors are allowed but parent consent is needed)
-with pleasing personality
-Fluent in english (advantage if multilingual)
-Good Writer
-have knowledge on how to be radio/video jockey
(able to do comedy and adlibs)
-Living in Metro Manila or Rizal Area
-Must have time weekly for shoot/BTR
-Other Amazing talents is a plus

What are you waiting for?
Send your CV, sample video link (youtube) and photos to contact [ @ ] artpologabriel.com

Submission is until June 30, 2017

Accepted students would be notified and would do some
virtual reality shoot, then public announcement would be made on July 2017 for the handing of Certificate/ Contract / Scholarship.

Please like our page for more updates. Thank you.

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HoloLens Development in the Philippines

It’s always nice to be one of the pioneer in crafting app for new & futuristic technologies. On our turf: Android & IOS VR/AR, Brain Control Interface, and SmartGlass app tech such as Moverio and HoloLens.HoloLens Development is one of the best thing a software architect will gonna love, its not easy though but once something is working.. All you can say is SUPER AWESOME!!!!


Screenshot_2017-05-11-11-50-47 Screenshot_2017-05-12-11-57-47 Screenshot_2017-05-12-12-02-35

GEOSPEER – another just for fun project :)

Well, this is just another just for fun project by me and my team. Nothing special though (yet) hehe πŸ™‚ – is it AR? Nope… VR? Nope… BCI? Nope… Another spotify? Nope… Another youtube? Nope… Another facebook? Nope… Another google? Nope…

Or let me say “not so yet” πŸ™‚

Watch out!!! πŸ™‚ see http://www.geospeer.com/

Epson Moverio BT300

Again, we are so proud that one of the latest gadget for smart glass technology (actually just landed here in PH and just one of its kind at the moment) is on our hands.

We will soon post our creations and experiences on this new device. Thank you very much EPSON PH for entrusting it to us.

img_1505 img_1500 img_1501 img_1510

Fujitsu Interstage AR Training :)

Update! We are now certified professionals for Fujitsu AR Interstage Business System πŸ™‚ as we surpassed ourselves again! Congrats to my team πŸ™‚







Aftermath: Time to cool down πŸ™‚ w/ Fujitsu Experts



At the moment, two (2) from our team is taking the Fujitsu Interstage AR Training πŸ™‚

img_1482 img_1483 img_1484

See link



Our Microsoft Hololens Experience

img_1186 img_1189 img_1193 img_1224


Its now here! the much awaiteddevice!

Microsoft Hololens

As we tried out and experienced this very cool device here is what we can say about it

> Tracking tracking tracking – damn! It’s just a piece of device w/o any external gadget requirement that tracks the environment & objects around you. Almost No-latency (maybe if w/ tons of contents hehe) With its hi-precise positional tracking, click/tap switch, bloom-switch, voice command, voice recognition (there’s a lot more to explore) – its one of a kind

> Graphics – Yoh – well, we haven’t really tried too much environment and 3d objects but it has a great potential on showing off – powered by an Intel Atom CPU, then a GPU and this new processing unit the Holographic one (HPU).

> Usages: Well i can say most of the things that VR & AR can do. The immersive interface makes it high above the others tech.

> Wireless! this one in un-tethered – no cable needed (maybe just a powerbank if you want to use it longer than four (4) hours.

> Use cases: Well – as we can all see out there in videos/ photos/ blogs – yah it can be used in many ways and in a very intuitive awesome UI.

> What’s next? Well – here it goes – DEVELOPMENT TIME πŸ™‚ ill post the apps we will be creating.


BCIPH Meetup

14292297_10206920286261469_1896260443880668448_n 14199269_10206920280701330_8793601268287884025_n 14199690_10206920285221443_6117220842490676840_n 14203093_10206920280861334_4949467481820727127_n


Conducted Brain Computer Interface Meetup πŸ™‚

We introduced the Brain Control Interface (BCI) to fellow developers who are also have interest in the tech, with this the BCIPH will have more members as the technology is very awesome (though it is still at the early stage and not yet 100% consumer friendly). We will be doing the same activity – visit academic institutions such as universities andΒ  research institutions to further promote the technology – maybe a collaborative project w/ any group / firm interested.

For more activity and info visit our FB page



Special Thanks to EPSON Philippines, Mobility, Mage Tech and Graphica.asia for sponsorships (http://mage-tech.com / http://graphica.asia / http://mobility.net )