Promoting Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, SmartGlass Tech @ General De Jesus College, Gapan, Nueva Ecija

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Thanks for Sir Marlon Torres, College Dean of General De Jesus College, Gapan, Nueva Ecija for inviting us on their event. Its actually @ Gapan City Hall 🙂

Promoting AR, VR, SmartGlass and Brain Control Interfaces @ DLSU

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Once again the team conquered another University in the Philippines – De Lasalle State University. We showcased Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, SmartGlass and Brain Control Interface Technologies 🙂 Special Thanks to EPSON with its Smartglass MOVERIO for making the event more exciting 🙂

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Shooting Game :)

VR Shooting Game Banner 1000px

This is the output of our just for fun participation at Global Game Jam 2016 – an Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Space Shooting Game (created only in 48 hours). The good thing about this is – this game will run even on device w/o GYROSCOPE [that will only require the image below] – Its ready to play – though there might still be some bug at the moment – we will still continue on making this even better game (later)




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Real State @ Virtual Reality

Are you in Real State business? Do you want to take advantage? Beat competition? Boost your sales?

Our team can provide solutions that will give your prospect/client best user experience by using Virtual Reality (VR) – its more like bringing them into the area (solves transportation cost), this also serves as electronic brochures (save on printing cost) and give them the power to even customized (paint/color or decorate) the interior of the unit (this is the magic – that will beat the competition).

Here is the video preview 🙂

visit us at Blast Asia Inc. – email us artpologabriel @

The future of teaching/training – the Augmented Reality way

And so, we want to teach people the better way or atleast give some instructions that they will actually understand and enjoy 🙂

The video above is a simple augmented reality app for training and education – created by team ARVR unit of Blast Asia Inc. (im so proud to be the team leader of the group)


My Talk on GameDev @ General De Jesus College

IMG_20150318_082145 [800x600]


IMG_20150318_081733 [800x600]

It is really very rewarding to see my participants are enjoying and some are setting/getting into game development as they really enjoy the fun time learning about authoring game using Blender 3d.

Thanks to Sir Marlon Torres of General De Jesus College – for the opportunity to share my knowledge 🙂

Also, this activity is part of Mobility (Mobile IT for Youth)


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Education App

My team recently created a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Education App – its a simple VR AR FlashCard, very primitive and yet so easy to use (yah requires Google Cardboard as of now – but we will make a one that wont need Google Cardboard.

This app is great for toddlers and preschoolers. Parents and teachers will find this app very handy and a non boring to teach the basic ALPHABET as when the Flash card is seen and processed – an amazing 3d object will pop out in the virtual world (such as A = Apple, B = Banana) and some 3d objects are even animated and can be played with. See this video (yah you have to print the flashcard or let it be like on the video, u better use a projector for the whole class (more students) to experience it.

Here’s the playstore link