Connecting the unconnectable

Our team is now venturing into deep integration of softwares and apps, and can now integrate closed and proprietary software and apps – it’s more like “Connecting the unconnectable”. Basically its pretty much impossible to connect such apps likeΒ  Google Docs and Microsoft 365 as they are competitors and don’t like each other and basically its a NO for each of them. However my team find a way to deep integrate apps.

Apps we are connecting at the moment, this are closed API (means its an island, and don’t want to be integrated to another apps.


Incase you have a requirement to connect two or multiple apps that are impossible to integrate. Just contact me πŸ™‚

Amazing feeling IRONMAN’s interface on SmartGlass Apps we are developing

From the usual Android & IOS device up to Moverio & HoloLens SmartGlasses, me and my team are so happy that this is what we do every day, working on cool futuristic projects and not just imagining the future – we are actually one of the team of creating the future.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality is actually making its way soon to the masses, specially the device manufacturers are doing all they can to bring it low cost with hi-quality hardware.