KAMUKAMU: AR fun app

KAMUKAMU is just another “just for fun” project of mine (with the help of my team). Well, this idea was four (4) years ago already but due to too much occupied with profit making projects it went this long hehe. Then Snapchat & Facebook (etc) are now making face recognition apps. Well, kamukamu is actually a bit different as it will overlay somebody else face on the users face.. sort of a facemask though kamukamu will show popular Filipino celebrities, politicians, artist (singers/actors), and on the premium version an option to capture or upload any bodies photo that can be users facemask – and then users will find out if they are “magkamukha” or kamukamu.





Well, KAMUKAMU – is a word taken from Filipino language “kamukha mo” that means “look a like you” πŸ™‚

Launching very very soon πŸ™‚


Hidden Web Browser

Web Browser’s are already there and they are very useful – a lot. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera & Edge are available.

Though incase you need an alternative one for some activity. Specially the “for adult only contents” or “for a must private/hidden activities”Β  i got you covered πŸ™‚

It will have custom name, custom icon of your choice or send one to us. Will be password protected and on start it will show a game or any phone utility to stealth/camouflage πŸ™‚

Order your personal Android or IOS hidden web browser now! for just $10.00 USD. Simply contact my sales staff at FB

Another Global Game Jamming Fun

Will be conducting another Global Game Jam activity this January 29-31, 2016. It sure will be more than just fun – being i sync with thousands of cool people from GameDev and Artist to Audio Engineers and Voice Talents πŸ™‚

I think ill be making another Mix Reality Game (Augmented and Virtual Reality combined) πŸ™‚

Our Jam site link http://globalgamejam.org/2016/jam-sites/north-luzon-game-jam-site

See http://globalgamejam.org/ for more info

Hand-tracking using Plain Webcam great for Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality uses

As the age of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is fast approaching, there are tons of devices coming out such as Head Mounted Displays (HMD) like Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Hololens, Epson Moverio, ODG, and SpaceGlasses. Also, tons of attachments for users control such as Haptics, Leapmotion, SmellVR, Rides, Etc.

But all these are still not available to the public yet as most of the above mentioned devices releases are for developers only as of now.

So me and my team do some research and development in order to bring the “touch experience” to VR and AR using only plain camera (either web cam or the mobile devices back/front cam).

To be cont… busy awhile – client meeting – will be right back


Pag ibig mo… just another song :)

Just another song i write… record record din pag may time… hehe.. bk madiscover p hehe

Pag-ibig mo (composed/sung by artpologabriel)

d bat noon parang wla lng
parang hangin k lng n nag daraan
d ko pansin ang iyong ngiti
d ko pansin and iyong labi
dko naman hangad n ikaw makapiling

bakit ngaun parangikaw nlng
ang tanging nais kong natatanaw
nananabik syong ngiti
hinahanap ang iyong labi
dinarasal n sanay magbalik

ang pag ibig mo… yan palang pangarap ko
pag ibig mo… ngaun tanging hanap ko ohh
pag ibig mo… ohhh

bkt nga b kung kaylan wala k na
at pag aari n ng iba
pagsisisiy walang patid
sa luha mong aking hatid
di ko n nga mababalik – ang tamis

ng pag ibig mo… yan palang pangarap ko
pag ibig mo… ngaun tanging hanap ko ohh
pag ibig mo… ohhh

sana po nagustuhan nyo πŸ™‚ kahit may sablay pa hehe

related link – Na naman -sung by artpologabriel

download “Pag-ibig mo” song here

Na-naman: Song composition by artpologabriel

Badly recorded using my cheap mono mp3/audio recorder, me and my guitar in a lonely room, medyo matagal n itong nagawa at narecord, at hindi ko n maasikasong i-record ulet hehe, so busy n kc s work. Well, atleast hindi man n-publish sa recordbars or radio station, na-publish ko nman sa website ko hehe.

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