OH NO!!! Topgie is a VIRUS???

My God! I chose a domain that was identified a dangerous virus… but can be safely removed anyway.

According to this link topgie.dll is a harmful virus…

Well, i just tried searching using google my new project and being (baby steps) developed website [well, just got of other (tons) things to do hehehe] which is topgie.com, i just want to see if google already crawl on it and if they may have add it on their indexes.

Then, after hitting the “go” button… Horrayy i got the top four (4) results… at the 6th result there is it the TOPGIE.DLL which that previous link claims to be a virus.

Well, this wont bother me from continuing this simple web organizer which i think will help tons of net users out there.

Im a Web Dev/Designer and not much of a C++(& other core languages etc.) software dev that can create / develop a virus.

Check topgie.com, its very much free from any virus or any annoying web things…

Topgie.com aims just to help internet browsers (you and me) to make web surfing a breeze..

SO, PLEASE do not be afraid of topgie.com

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