VR nauseating? here’s my tips not to

As one of the early adopters (& dev) of Virtual Reality (VR) technology – i really find it awesome and i can tell that its here in front of us. The only thing is… getting used to it, as nauseating happens when either the user and the VR gadget has issues.


So here are my tips:

1. When its your first time to use VR – read instructions first and don’t just wear it (like i did hehe as i was so excited). There maybe some calibration needed first in order to use it properly or get it fit on you such as focus-adjustment, lens adjustment near-far to the device, each lens distances must be the same with the distance of your eyes

2. Incase you are using the low end VR gadget – do not let your eyes focus much, let it freely find its focus. let it blur at first, your eyes are smart – it will find its focus/orientation.

3. Look in the center at all time – yes, the surroundings are looking great – move your head not your eyes.

4. Sit in a comfortable office chair – as it is rotating. so you dont have to work much on your neck – specially when its a VR game.

5. Do not do VR if your hungry (courtesy of sir Rene Canlas – a futuristic gizmo collector)

6. Get and play a VR device now – to be more familiar with it, as this is the next trend and yes later we maybe have no choice than to use it, as it will be the required device for communication, transportation, and work in the future.


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