How much manny villar spend this election?

I been thinking… a Philippine president only earns less than 200 thousand a month, and will only stay in position for six years so that’s lets say approximately 200,000.00 pesos, times 12 months, times 6 years equals 14.4 Million only right?

Then for a campaign for president i heard that one should have atleast 1 Billion to make it, but Manny Villar actually further beat the campaign competition…

i search the net to find out how much does he spend for his campaign, and found the article below:

He once said that in order to keep yourself afloat in the tight presidential race, one needs to have at least P1 billion on his campaign chest.

And I think he is really living up to his words; a certain quality we all need for our leaders, a far cry from the lousy excuses of always pointing out “lapse of judgment” to all moral failures in governance by GMA.  But this certain issue is not of course something plausible.

Manny Villar has been all over town, trying to capture everyone’s fancy up to a voter’s dreaming; riding and employing well a last-song syndrome among the kids through his campaign jingles; bombarding us with all sorts of political ads on primetime on all networks, from OFWs being saved from the torture of foreign employers but will have to live a similar torturous situation here in the country due to poverty, to the Michael V. impersonations that made me lose my interest on him; paying Big G (google) for his online ads; Facebook ads; going around the nation with Willie Revillame giving away house and lot to hapless people waiting for manna; plastic bottles with his face on it; radio ads, print ads; courting Manny Pacquiao; and all sorts of freebies one desperate man can imagine, so long as his paycheck could still withstand the potential reds off his balance sheet.

Manny Villar obviously started campaigning way, way ahead of others, though the Supreme Court has called it “freedom of expression” rendering our capacity to think inutile with just the playing of words against the real personal intentions of political vultures.

To this, I am very much wondering:  how much Manny Villar already so far have spent on his political campaign? I have no idea, really, but just looking at all these things he is bombarding us makes my brain go hemorrhagic on doing the mathematical calculation.

Here some screenshots of his online campaigns:

manny villar

manny villar 2

One of his political ads:

These ads, and all the spending are little by little doing some wonder on his numbers, as the latest survey shows that he is up by some points second to Noynoy Aquino, and the latter’s lead diminishing by two points.

Now,  my wondering leads me to another one:  How will Manny Villar recoup all the money he has spent on his campaign if he wins the presidency, and if he loses?

So, I ask guys.  For you, how much Manny Villar may have so far spent on his political campaign? Any figures, estimates?  My guess is more than P1 billion.



Karl Marx had it wrong when he said that religion is the opiate of the masses – it’s television. And if that is true, then us advertisers are the cartel ringleaders who have bastardized the medium’s initial intent of broadcasting a diverse range of world-spanning content into a swamp of marketing messages and branding initiatives.

Manny Villar certainly knows this fact just as well as any Brand Manager – he has not only embraced the platform of television advertising, but has invested heavily into re-envisioning himself into a larger-than-life Brand rather than a simple Human Being.

It’s amazing to see the resources he has at his disposal. MDJ Superstar recently spotted a Nielsen report detailing the Top 20 advertisers for the year 2009, based on rate card prices*.

2009 Rate Card, amount estimated in billions of Philippine pesos.

At the top of the list are the usual fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) suspects – Unilever, P&G, Nestle, Unilab, and Colgate-Palmolive, the Big Five who have collectively poured in over PhP64-billion worth of advertising investments.

Secondary players such as URC, Selecta, Del Monte, and Kraft Foods have demonstrated tremendous double-digit growth (and, in Selecta’s case, triple-digit growth) in advertising spend in 2009, leapfrogging such traditional powerhouses as McDonald’s and San Miguel, both of whom are nowhere to be found on this list.

But truly, although he brings up the rear of the Top 20 advertisers in 2009, the sheer volume of Manny Villar’s spend is shocking.


One point three billion pesos.

Put into concrete terms, that would be enough money to purchase two 8-ounce bottles of Coke for every single individual in the Philippines, or a Honda Civic for each of the 1,497 municipalities nationwide. It’s an amount worth more than the Houston Rockets’ superstar guard Tracy McGrady’s 2009-2010 NBA contract, or roughly equivalent to the combined 2009 estimated GDP of Tuvalu and Niue.

It’s astonishing that a single individual could have earned that much money in his lifetime. Perhaps he really is an incredibly astute businessman; but then again any real businessman worth his salt knows that you spend money to make more money.

Kind of makes you wonder how he intends to recoup his investment…

Invest in a White Hat franchise, maybe?

* For those of you not familiar with media buying, “rate card” refers to the standardized rates published by the media networks for a standard commercial spot, although depending on negotiation skills and volume commitments, certain large advertisers may secure massive discounts off of rate card – therefore actual money paid out by each advertiser could theoretically be 50-60% lower than what is listed here.



Well, in my own lunatic calculation i guess its about 8 Billion hehehe…

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