Has Manny Pacquiao Been Abducted by Aliens?

batoManny Pacquaio is currently under fire for drug cheating allegations, not because he has been caught, but because Floyd Mayweather Sr., et. al. can’t take his incredible run in the ring as the output of pure talent..

I am almost tempted to butt in with my conspiracy theory: hey, you got it all wrong, you idiots..  Manny’s not on steroids:  he is an alien cyborg.


Being a Manny Pacquiao fan, I used to frequent the forum of Pacland, a boxing website in the internet, where I had registered as KamaongBato sometime in October 2007.  Months passed before I wrote my first post – a comment on a boxing trivia – and was surprised that a regular in that forum, Desert Fox, welcomed me to the site.  I learned that each user had a given rank, based on boxing weight categories.  I was a strawweight, the lowest category, also known in internet lingo as a newbie, and everyone could see it was my first ever post.  After that, I made it a point also to welcome other newbies to Pacland upon their first post.

Like every Filipino hungry for a hero, I used to worry how the Pacman was faring at training camp, whether he was doing well at sparring, or had weight problems – things like that – until I strayed to Pacland, glad to find so many fanatics who ate, drank and breathed nothing but Pacquiao.  After browsing through the articles of the day, I usually couldn’t have enough material to ruminate on, especially when the Pacman had a fight at hand, so I tried to read whatever the fans posted in the forum section.  The threads (topics) dwelt on almost every imaginable  aspect about Pacquiao: what he did before and after a fight, his hobbies, movies, concerts, even his amorous exploits,  His trainer, Freddie Roach who has become a well-loved celebrity, as well as Buboy Fernandez, his friend and trainer, and other members of Team Pacquiao, his wife Jinky who is also popular with the press, and lately, Aling Dionisia (his mother)who is a regular in his sit-com and TV commercials are staple fare in Pacland, all characters of a soap opera that revolved around Manny’s exploits in the ring. Discussions often focused on who should be the Pac’s next opponent, who should sing the national anthem in his next bout, what combinations should he use, etc.

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