CLSU: Launches Internet Radio!

Well,  its all because the web developer of the university is highly skilled (though I learned that he don’t have any formal education on IT)… thanks to the college of arts and sciences dean to find the developer and initially fund (though low cost project) but it materialized (and will be… sukdulan hehehe) .

The online radio project will going to be a medium to train CLSU students (devcomm and bsenglish mainly) to become more competent by bringing them real life experience in learning ofcourse by simply doing the actual work as newscaster, disk jockey, writers, production crew etc…

As of now, due to we launched this project by the end of the school year the daily program is not yet being done, if you visit to tune in, you will only hear variety of music. The force (hehe jedi kuno.. meaning the proj team) is now planning to integrate other materials and sources like engaging the science city of Munoz community and the kapitbahay research institution like philrice, bpre, pcc, pcarrd da-bar, bfar etc.

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