Learn online! Using google search!

Yeah yeah yeah, I know you know what I mean with this but I just wonder “of all the knowledge I acquired, I just hope google will be a Certificate of Completion” hehehe

I started surfing the net by year 2000 and google search really helps me a lot on my exploration, its like an online library where you can get most of the information you need, a secretary that will deliver you the data you need in orderly way, a teacher that teach you everything you ask, and somehow a security guard that tells you don’t go there (harmful/virus websites). (Not to mention that you can also earn few bucks from it)

Typically, I use google search on most of my activities to find what I need and it really do well, and further improving.

Using the web, I learned a lot, from creating simple animation and websites up to super 3d interactive business applications. I earned my skills and now earning cash from it, and of all the knowledge I acquired i really thank google (also opensource websites)…

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