New project:

Well, this is just to introduce my team’s new project “” , though we are still developing the management information  system and  gathering our  legal documents  (dti, bir etc), We are now  inviting  web owners  / web masters to  become our publisher & monetize their website, and  advertisers  to drive web browsers to their sites and get their sale.

Basically, this project is like the middle-men of web advertising, instead of hiring full time internet marketers for a website to get advertiser (and earn) which really cost too much, imagine how much you will pay per head, monthly, the bonuses etc. And what if you can’t  pay internet marketers due to your website is personal blog site?

With text-link-cash you don’t need to worry on many things, all you have to do is build your website as you want it to be. Leave all the paperworks (serving, scheduling, billing, customer service, and sales) and complicated things (legal docs, bank  hassles) to our well trained team (we will do thing with smiles for you).

So, why not sign up your website  with! Where cash flows never stops!

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